Any Other Dublin is an hilarious new six part radio comedy series broadcasting in late August on Dublin City FM. The show is made with the support of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland.

Any Other Dublin tells the story of six Dublin characters surviving the recession and struggling with love, lust and their own inescapable flaws.

Bernie is a former property developer, recovering after a sentence in Portmarnock prison. His marriage in ruins, Bernie is making the most of his open relationship with former personal assistant Wviola. Oisin works for one of the ‘big three’ financial services firms in the IFSC. With no time for relationships, ‘love is just another transaction’. Jolita is a Latvian Irish writer and burlesque performer, trying to make a splash with her ‘sexy centaur’ fiction. Sean Og is an activist and trainee psychotherapist strugging to fit in without giving up his countercultural credentials. Martha is a web entrepreneur who puts business over friends, family and even her freedom. Fatuma is a Liberian Irish émigré whose success in business is only matched by her failure in romance.

Any Other Dublin is produced by Dead Medium, creators of The Invisible Tour Guide, the Emerald Arts and Been There Seen There.

Starring Leah Egan (Fair City, Ros na Rún), Alicja Ayres (Shibari), Dylan McDonough (Fair City, RTE Radio Arena), Gordon Rochford (Bulmer’s Comedy Festival) and many more!

With music from writer / producer Roger Gregg (of Crazy Dog Audio Theatre, and The Bee-Loud Glade Cabaret).

Broadcast dates: 10:15 AM on Weds 21st Aug, Thurs 22nd Aug, Fri 23rd Aug, Mon
26th Aug, Tues 27th Aug, Weds 28th. On 103.2 Dublin City FM.


Episode 1 – clip – Bernie, a former property developer whose fallen on hard times, struggles to deal with the realities of an open relationship
Episode 2 – clip 1 – Oisin, a financial services analyst and pick up artist provides some advice to a young friend about the game
Episode 3 – clip 2 – Oisin visits his solicitor to discuss some allegations

More info!

Any Other Dublin is a Sound and Vision funded radio series for Dublin City FM, to be broadcast later in 2013.

The show is a 6 * 14 minute series of fly on the wall style dramas. Each episode focuses on one individual, a fictionalised representative of a real contemporary Dublin community. Each of these characters represents a cohort of contemporary Dubliners. Like Joyce’s famous short story collection, these naturalistic depictions of contemporary Dublin life will capture the city at a time of radical change, when concerns over identity and sovereignty help to mask self examination. The show has a very realistic, low key fly on the wall style. The characters stories subtly intertwine, and gradually a picture emerges of a contemporary Dublin whose hopeful veneer hides a profound sense of alienation.

Each episode on the series is based around the fictionalised account of one or more real people, who has provided their consent to have their stories transformed into drama. The series will deal with characters from different ethnic and social groups, and varied income brackets; depicting the trials and tribulations of life in contemporary Ireland emotionally as well as financially. For example episode one ‘Michael’ follows a former property developer, who made a six figure salary during the boom, now trying to rebuild his life as an unemployed person, while episode six ‘Fatuma’, follows an African immigrant adjusting to her new life in Dublin.

High Resolution Images

Bernie / Gordon Rochford
Jolita / Alicja Ayres
Martha / Leah Egan
Oisin / Dylan Mc Donough
Sean Og / Andy McGarry
Colm Coyne
Cast & Crew
Fatuma / Damilola Oduwole



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